Crying which is inconsolable Flushed

Emotional/Crying which is inconsolable Flushed Fatigue Pale Clingy Not being themselves Irritability Runny stools Ear rubbing Bringing their knees to their chest continuously Limp Fever Lethargic Convulsions or seizures A runny nose Coughing Sneezing Dehydrated Sunken fontanelle Swollen fontanelle Lacking interest in play Skin appearance Bruising easily Jaundice Temperature Lack of appetite Rashes knvkcnvk dhgud dfjghfg fjgfmg fm gfgm fmhf hf g fg fg nv mcnvmcnvmn cmvncmnvm c nvmc nvv mcnvighdf gdfjhgfd gnf g f g fdg dhg d fgdg dfg dfgd fgd fg g f gf g f g fVomiting Sensitivity to noise or light Altered consciousness levels Short-term regress in development Breathing difficulties Swallowing difficulties


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