Elvis and even paid off others depts.He

Elvis is very famous around the world for his unique style of wearing,his music and presantation approach like no other.There is something about his personality less known is kindness to others.He often gaves gifts to people-no need to be one of his friends- watchs,souvenirs even cars.Meaning of this gifts are represent love to toward who surrounds him.

These gifts often happen unplanned.He was always bighearted even before became famous he shared his toys when he was a child.Until his dead he gave countless gifts in his life.(Nottingdon,2010)Elvis’s big heartedness was hard to understand for the fans.

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In his political career, his kindness was unfamiliar for the universal community.Neverthless,he always continued to gave things from his friends to family and complete starngers.He bought wheelchairs,paid people’s hospital bills and even paid off others depts.

He sustained two of his friends wedding expenses,and gave $30.000 for their homes.Other than this,he bought approximately 150 cars for his friends,who later were known as the Memphis Mafia.He was known to use his fame to collect funds -for disadvanteges peoples- things he was diligent about.After two years he returned to US from army,he played a role for charity organization in Hawaii which raised $65.000 for the Memorial at Pearl Harbor for the U.S.

S Arizona. .(Nottingdon,2010) However Elvis was confounded with important displeasure,self ambiguity and poor administration.Elvis often told that he was going to quit show business,but his monetary obligations to his workers and his extended family made that impossible.

Elvis started to use drugs.After he came back to US from army,he became cautious of the society,he started to oftenly rent whole movie theatres and amusement parks,go at nights.He was almost recluse by the late 60s.After Elvis left army there was a proofs that he started to using drugs,this abusing prescription drugs using last until his dead.All during this he became extremely religous and condemned to prescription drugs.(Elvis Presley,n.d.

) He seems to burly and his personality was impressive.He had innate authority.People were get attracted by his capacity and ambition.Elvis gave confidence to the his surrounding.Quality was important for Elvis,one of the way was showing his quality was dressing style.

It was very important for him. These personality characters showed that he had a strong constitution but because of his careless drinking and eating behaviors and tendecy to be workaholic,he suffer from ulcers,hearth illness and upset stomachs.Elvis’s pessimistic side of his personality was relentless,intensely lonely and ravenous.Conversely,he was vivacious and repulsive.He was essentially joyful and clement.Presley always demanded everyone should be desirous and delighted like him.

People who surrounds him always perceived this,and his co-workers and employees were like him.(Elvis Presley Numerology Personality Number 8,2010) I will use Carl Jung’s theories for analyze Elvis Presley.In Jung’s theory psyche was divided into three element.The first is the ego,which he identified with cognisant mind.

Personal unconscious is connected which contain not currently conscious,but it could be just the opposite.The personal unconscious is most of the people accepts that contain both memories that are effortlessly remembered and those that hidden for reasons.Collective unconscious made Jung’s theory different from other theorists.One could call it their psychic legacy.Which is the species of experiences coming together like pool,kind of knowledges we are all born with.It can not be directly conscious. The effects of collective unconscious is more clear than others.Some myths and certain symbols remembered same things to people’s which means that collective unconscious.It can be expanded that some practices are same for all religions or legends,fairy tales.Carl Jung divided personality types and Elvis Presley suitable for Extroverted Sensing with Thinking .Peoples who are Extroverted Sensing with Thinking peoples are from time to time cruel,frequently complex and achievement learning people.They are cheering and pleasing but they are having a hard time to commit.They are good at advocating, entrepreneurial.


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