Electronics I found my interest in microprocessor and

Electronics and communication engineering basically a study about development and testing of electronics components used in various communication systems. In graduation, my major fields are about the equipment soldering, electrical circuit analysis, semiconductor devices and circuits, digital systems, microcomputer systems and electronic control systems.

Over the past two years, I found my interest in microprocessor and embedded system e.g microcontroller. I was very keen to do project work in these areas. After the two years of graduation, I completed my first training in the field of the embedded system. I participated in robowars and line follower in the technical fest of the college. I learned about the microcontroller and microprocessor during my summer training. I started to make a project based on Arduino and raspberry microcontroller.

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my potential was identified and was chosen to lead a team for project work during my summer training. I learned a lot about the programming. with the knowledge of microcontroller and embedded c, we build a project named gesture control robot.our substantial work in the project was appropriately recognized and got first prize in project exhibition. during the graduation, I competed for my 6-month training on embedded Linux and kernel development. in this training, I learned mainly data structure and algorithm, embedded Linux, shell scripting, socket programming, ARM microcontroller and character drivers.these learning experiences created a new level of motivation to pursue advanced study in this particular field.Computer engineering program at master level emphasize the different aspects of profession.

some includes a ream time project based on automation. Computer engineering involves the design implementation and activity of both hardware and software projects.To learn about the increasing number of product about the computer engineering is the main motive of master in CE. To pursue the individual goals and to solve the real world problem for an industry leads to pursue masters in computer engineering. Lack of completing major project work and facing challenge in implementation of device  drivers shows the requirement of master in computer engineering.

After completing the 7-8 months training in embedded Linux is the right time to learn deeply about the computer engineering. I have the interest to work on the real-time project through microcontroller and Linux kernel development. Learn to write a Linux kernel module and device driver. Linux kernel driver programming with embedded devices is the specialization of my interest. i want to enhance logical and strong analysing skills through this course. in case of specific research , it may helps in cross-compilation and porting kernel Image to an Embedded Device.To leaning the new things and enhance the structural problem solving makes me comfortable to achieve my short-term specific goal.

my short term goal to get a good job in a reputed company as a computer system engineer. To work on a real-time project and to do Linux kernel and device driver development are the priority of my work profile. I would like to work in a company like Amazon, Nvidia as an embedded system engineer. it can be the combination of both industry and research job.i have an interest in computer engineering and development with embedded devices to test and evaluate the efficiency of devices. through the originality of project work. I would like to do a job as computer system engineer in which RTOS, device drivers and kernel development are the main areas to work.

my long-term goal is to become an entrepreneur. leading from my short-term goal I want to become a project manager for a reputed company to get the experience of real-world technology. these steps will surely help me to achieve my long-term goal after 10-15 years. contribution to industry research, to build a microcontroller which is very efficient in memory and affordable in price or product something that is breakthrough in the industry. first 3-4 years of job experience in a good company e.

g IBM, Accenture at the position of a computer system engineer. after this experience I am looking forward as a project manager in company name suggested above.Computer engineering is all about computer science and electrical engineering to further advancement in digital technology, computer networking and computer system with knowledge of hardware and software design. Masters in computer engineering gives multiple opportunities for depth exploration in particular field of study. masters in computer engineering basically in particular field of the embedded system helps in networking opportunity and professional development. To learn about algorithm design for an embedded system in encrypted domain and Internet of Things in masters lead to achieving career goals.

Skills, I need to learn are about the work on the latest technology of embedded field and become master in the field of the real-time operating system through this program.This course is completely related to an embedded computer. Most practical aspects of this course in this university are its work can touch aspects of society of improving people’s life. Particularly, I am very much keen on DR. Sukgi Choi and Dr. Zhaohong Wang. His current research is about algorithm design for digital signal processing in the encrypted domain and Internet of Things. and look forward to learning to him.

Dr. Sukgi Choi is done research on Intelligent machine control, Neuron network, Internet of Things which enhance my profile. Relevant subject for my course is Computer-Aided Circuit Engineering and Computer Control of Dynamic Systems. I am also excited about the electrical and computer lab which would help me to carry my experience to research.I was equally competent in extracurricular activities and dazzled particularly sports competitions.

I was the captain of the department cricket team and led his team to victory in inter-college cricket league. I was a proactive volunteer of Fest Organization Committee and contributed to the effectual organization of several events. Moreover, I was the sub-head Student Coordinator for the department’s training and placement office for two years. I took initiative to hold blood donation camp for the first time in college.

This provided I feel university will allow me to pursue them


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