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Electricity TheftThereis no authentic mechanism to control electricity theft.

A lot of power is lostbecause of electricity theft. Electricity theft is basically because of absenceof responsibility from the part of clients. People frequently steal power frommain transmission lines; Government has done nothing to control electricitytheft until this point and it’s only subject to the part of customers.(Pakistan, 2009)Duringthis present energy crisis electricity lost in this way can’t be accepted. Onthe other hand poor people have no other option but to steal power, as theyalready live in misery, but to take power to satisfy their necessities. Asindicated by a review the percentage of power is more in poor areas whencompared with Punjab the rate is higher in other provinces. The principlereason of this high rate is costly power. Individuals have not possessed thecapacity to bear the cost of power at such high rates.

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(Bug, 2007)Data Analysis and StaticsPakistan’s EnergySector:Ø  Electricity produced in Pakistan is fromthree main sources.1.      Hydro2.      Thermal (Gas/ Steam/ Furnace Oil)3.

      NuclearThereare four major power producers in country which include Water & PowerDevelopment Authority (WAPDA), Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC).Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission(PAEC).Belowis the breakup of the installed capacity of each of these power producers (Asof June-2008)WAPDA’sTotal Hydro and Thermal capacity                                              11272MWKarachiElectric Supply Corporation (KESC)                                    01756MWIndependentPower Producers (IPPs)                                                            06365MWPakistanAtomic Energy Commission (Nuclear)                                00462MWTotalPower Generation Capacity of Pakistan (including all sources) is 19855MW andthe electricity demand (as of today 20-04-2010) is 14500 MW and PEPCO is merelygenerating 10000 MW.

Hydro  Electricity produced by WAPDA varies betweentwo extremities i.e. between minimum of 2414 MW and maximum 6761 MW it depends  upon the river flow through the year.Thetotal energy generation of Pakistan that includes all sources is 19855MW andthe electricity demand as for today is 14500MW and PEPCO is generating merely10000MW.

Thus we can say thatthe power shutdown of 15 to 20 hours in our country is not because of thereason that we have lack of power generation capacity but because of the IMF/ worldBank policies that are imposed on our nation by government. Companies here arenot buying furnace oil from the PSO by saying that they do not have enoughmoney to buy but all the people in 


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