Egyptian found on pottery, found near the

Egyptian HieroglyphsWhat are Hieroglyphs? According to Priscilla Scoville from, the word Hieroglyph translates from Greek. Hiero means “holy”, whereas glyph translates to “writing”, or “drawing”.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs have remained a mystery to many people for centuries. In this paper, I will talk about the origin of Egyptian Hieroglyphs, the complexities of reading and writing in this mysterious written language, and I will talk about other civilizations that wrote in Hieroglyphs.Egyptian Hieroglyphs was first found on pottery, found near the Nile river in Egypt, dating back to about 3000 B.C. In Abydos’ cemetery, a cemetery uncovered in Egypt, a member of the local elite was buried around 3100 BCE. He was a wealthy man, probably a ruler, and he was buried with several goods, including hundreds of jars, an ivory scepter and other items. Many of these objects were looted and we know about them due to the approximately 150 surviving labels, which contain the earliest known writing in Egypt.

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Egyptian writing is a very hard language to learn. The Hieroglyphic lexicons are called glyphs. Hieroglyphs can be written in any direction, and the direction that a glyph with a head faces is the direction that you read it in. Not to mention that any story read in Hieroglyphs is probably not understandable, because Egyptian Hieroglyphics are a dead language.Though Hieroglyphs are a dead language, The Egyptians were not the only ones to write this way.

Other civilizations that wrote this way include: the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Syrians, and the native American tribe, the Ojibwes. There is even evidence for Hieroglyphs during the time of dinosaurs. Bess Connolly Martell from wrote an article about modern Hieroglyphs, Emojis. A movie came out last year based on this premise, stating that children are getting dumber using these modern Hieroglyphs. But if this were the case, then thousands of years of civilizations were “getting dumber”.

In conclusion, Hieroglyphs are not as confusing as they used to be, thanks to Emojis.


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