Egypt They both has the Red Sea

Egypt and Kush Comparison Egypt and Kush’s geography have a lot similarities. They both live next to the Nile river, which provide them fertile land to farm, freshwater to drink, and wildlife for them to hunt. The plain land in both Egypt and Kush made it easy for good farming.

These topography made most of them farmers. Another similarities is that they both were surrounded by the hot, dry desert that protect them from outside invaders. They both has the Red Sea located at their east. They both use reeds and papyrus that grows next to the nile river to wove baskets and roof for their huts and to make robes and papers. (Tci, Geography and the Early Settlement of Egypt, Kush, and Canaan).Egypt and Canaan ContrastThe geography of Egypt and Canaan have a lot difference, which lead to different lifestyles. Egypt has a lot plains and water supplies, while Canaan has a lot mountains, hills, and valleys. The plains in Egypt made it easy for farming while the grasslands in Canaan made it easier for herding.

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Egypt”s main source of water was the Nile, and Canaan’s source of water mostly comes from the Jordan River. (Tci, (Tci, Geography and the Early Settlement of Egypt, Kush, and Canaan).Egypt and Kush ComparisonOne of the greatest achievements known from Egypt and Kush were the pyramids. Egypt has the Great Pyramid of Giza, (also known as the Pyramid of Cheops of the Pyramid of Khufu), while Kush has the Nubian Pyramids. Though the Kush’s pyramids are much smaller. -(Tci, “The Kingdom of Kush”).

Another similarity is that they both mummified the dead. In Egypt, only the pharaohs gets to be mummified, while in Kush, everybody is mummified. Egypt and Kush ContrastOne of the difference between Egypt and Kush is that after Kush moved back to its African roots, Kush revived their tradition of having Kandakes, or queen mothers.

While Egypt had pharaohs. The picture I drew shows a kandake and a pharaoh. (Tci, “The Kingdom of Kush”). Another difference is that in Egypt, they use the Egyptian hieroglyphs while Kushites use the Meroitic language.

The Egyptian hieroglyphs is considered an easier understood language compared to the Meroitic language. Egypt and Kush ComparisonEgypt and Israel ContrastEgypt and Israel have a large contrast of their belief systems. For example: Egyptians believe in a variety of different gods that represents different elements. While Israelites believe in a single god named Yahweh.

Egyptians have a complex systems of rituals and beliefs that played an important role in their society. The Israelites sacrifice animals and followed the “Ten Commandments”, (also known as “Decalogue”). The ten laws that were given to Moses, a great leader of Israelites know for leading his people out of slavery by Egyptians , by the god.

(, Ancient Israel & Ancient Egypt).


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