Effort extensible IT resources like services and

Effort of load balancing to achieve green computing

In a distributed computing, the serious
problem from the starting days is the
distribution of load among servers in
the commercial internet. The one of
main challenges of cloud computing is
Load balancing and it requires the
dynamic work load among multiple
nodes and it ensure that no single node
should affected. The major goal of load
balancing is to minimize the
consumption of resources which will
further reduce the Carbon emission
rate and energy consumption that is the
extreme need of cloud comp uting.
Cloud computing is a computational
archetype develop from distributed
computing that model lies between
su percomputing and grid computing.
The main asset of cloud computing are
there services. There services are
further divided into thr ee categories
and they are as follows: Platform as a
service (Paas), Software as a service
(Saas), and Infrastructure as a service
(Iaas).Cloud computing has the
potential to strap Wide Area Network
(WAN) and internet to use resources
which are available r emotely, by that
providing solution of cost
effectiveness to the most real life
requirements. It also provides
extensible IT resources like services
and application along with
infrastructure on which they work on
the internet. The capacity is adjust on
the basis of pay -per use easily and
quickly . It also helps to oblige changes
in demand and they help any
organization to avoid the capital cost
of hardware and software. So, cloud
computing is a structure for a relevant
on -demand network approach a shared
poo l of computing for example –
servers, networks, services,
applications and storage. This
resources can be continued and
discontinued rapidly with service
provider interaction or minimal
management effort. This will further
help to promote availability by th e
reason of exponential growth in cloud
computing it has been widely adopted
by the organization and there is quick
expansion in data centers. This
expansion lead the rise in energy used
which impact on environment in the
terms of carbon footprints. The
co nnection between carbon and energy
consumption has given acceleration to
issue of energy management which is
to raise energy efficiency to achieve
Green Computing. Apart from this
there are many issues present like Load
Balancing, Server Consolidation and
Virtual Machine Migration etc.
Load Balancing is used to reduce
energy consumption by equally load

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Effort of load balancing to achieve green computing

distribution and it will minimize the
consumption of resources.
Virtual machine migration allows
virtualization to help in balancing the
loads empower highl y active
provisioning and to avoid hotspots in
data center thus, it will reduce energy
Server Consolidation helps to improve
the utilization of resources by
consolidate different VMs consist of
various under -utilized servers into a
single serv ers. The unused servers
should be turn off and it will reduce
energy consumption.
Load balancing is major issue in cloud
computing. It is used to distribute
dynamic load workload evenly across
all nodes in the cloud. So, that it will
avoid situation where some nodes are
doing less work while others are
heavily loaded. It also helps to achieve
a higher satisfaction of user and
utilization of resources. Thus it will
improve the overall performances and
resources services of the system. It also
ensures that en ergy resources of
computing is distributed fairly and
efficiently. It further avoid bottlenecks
of the computing system and it may
occur because of load imbalance. If
one or more than one components of
any services get fail. It will helps in
continuation o f services by
implementation of fair -over, that is in
provisioning and de -provisioning of
instances of the applications without
getting fails.it also ensures that every
resources of computing is distributed
fairly and efficiently. Resource
consumption and energy conservation
are not always prime focus in cloud
computing. A lthough consumption of
resources can be kept to a minimal load
balancing that will not only help in cost
reducing but also make the enterprise
greener. Cloud computing has its very
important features and that is
scalability and is also enabled by load
balancing. Thus improving and
utilization of resources and the
performances of distributed system in
this way it will reduce the consumption
of energy and carbon footprints to
achieve green computing.


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