Effects there is low economic growth, loss

Effects of Unemployment in an Economy
When there is low economic growth, loss of international competitiveness a country is bound experience high rate of unemployment which cause unrest in an economy. It leads to high levels of poverty, since one will be unemployed or if those who remained working their income does not increase this takes a toll low income earners who end up earning a whole month salary enough for one busfare, this means he cannot afford to put food on the table, he cannot school fees for the children or clothing. There is a high rate of corruption, mostly because able bodied will be idle, an “idle mind is an evil mind”. In the case of Zimbabwe most of the time one has to pay bribe for safe passage or getting service done for rate of corruption is just too much what in it for me remains a question to many.there is alos high rate of substance abuse eg Bronco , musombodhiya and cocaine.
Zimbabwe is mostly affeceted by Seasonal unemployment,Cyclical /Demand efficiency Unemployment,Structural unemployment and slowly technological unemployment. Government and all stakeholders and citizens must be actively involved in the reduction of unemployment, it needs combined effort to attract investor confidence, tabling good policies like Zimbabwe is open for business efforts and I recommend that government need to reduce expenditure and impart more skills to its citizens through incorporating life skills programmes in primary to tertiary schools.


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