Effectiveness For example, certain specialists will suggest and

Effectiveness of practitioners andagencies working together – D1 There are many levels of success when health and social carepractitioners work alongside agencies to deliver an effective care pathway forpatients with CHD. This works because it provides the CHD patient with the carethat they need by the support of different practitioners and agenciescontributing together.Why is this effective?More knowledge is used by different professionals to helptreat and care for the CHD patient because of the skills they are required withthat would help them with different aspects. This is effective as it gives thepatient the best possible care by providing the best health and social carefrom a range of practitioners and agencies working together for an effectivecare having an impact on the patient resulting in making progress with theirCHD.

Health and social practitioners and agencies that care forthe CHD patients, are at different levels. For example, certain specialists willsuggest and offer further care that other practitioners and agencies could doas it would be more beneficial and effective to the CHD patient coping withtheir complications as more support is given to them. Another reason of why this is effective for the CHD patientis because there is a continuous care with multiple practitioners and agenciesthat work together on different aspects being delivered to them. CHD patients are having care delivered to them, bypractitioners and agencies working together as a team. As a result of this, itgives a high-quality care and a quicker care in comparison to those patients workingwith loose groups or alone worker.

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Cardiologists, physicians, nurse educators,cardiac rehabilitation teams , therapists and dieticians are members of the CHDcare pathway that work effectively in primary and secondary by workingtogether. If the participation of level is high in the CHD pathway the moreemphasis it has on the quality of the care for the patient with Coronary HeartDisease. Both primary and secondary specialists of health and socialcare deliver to the patients by using small groups. This makes less referralsso that the patients and the small groups of specialists can focus on thecertain individuals of the care pathway for CHD as well as the complications.The reason why this isn’t as effective as the multidisciplinary system isbecause there isn’t enough contributions from different specialists with referralsto get a more effective quality of care.

Less time is needed to provide care tothe patients with CHD if there are more specialists. 


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