Effective skills of the workforce will directly influence

Effective leaders will need to evaluate and assess situations as they arise to try and determine which style of leadership will produce the best outcome and performance from the team. The need to be able to shift dynamics and assert pressure as and when required will have a direct impact on relationships and short-term environments. There needs to be the ability to flow between certain styles so that the desired results may be achieved, having an authoritarian approach may be appropriate when time is critical, and processes need to be adhered to, but it may need to change to a more participative style if team work is required to ensure projects are successfully completed. Gauging the needs and skills of the workforce will directly influence the way in which manager interact with their staff, albeit subconsciously at times due to the proximity and type of relationship that has built up over time. A good leader should know instinctively what will work best with their staff and alter how situations are handled,


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