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Effective use of information technology can make significant operational improvements, the majority of guests today are self-sufficient, tech-savvy travelers who are comfortable using apps or mobile websites.  Advanced software and communication tools allow orders to be made better, faster and cheaper; hotels need to make sure their offerings are up-to-date and user-friendly. At business meetings and conferences, travelers expect hotels and conference centers to have high quality tech equipment and a knowledgeable support staff.  In addition to an explosion of mobile apps to track loyalty points, streamline check-in and open doors, more business offer virtual reality to preview a property.

(International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2012 (January), e-ISSN 2247 – 7225 www.ijept.

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org )Advantages. Wireless technology offers, among others, the following benefits for hotels and the quality of service they can provide to the guest: Increases staff productivity and reduces response time to satisfy guest requests. Improves overall guest satisfaction and service by enabling them to view the hotel information before booking. Increases efficiency for restaurants (bars, cafeterias, etc.) and caterers by saving time, reducing human errors and by providing higher quality customer service. Reduces queues at the reception desk by making check in and out smooth and easy.

 Able to leave good review online about the experience which can bring more people to be the hotel.(Walker, 2010).Disadvantages.Technology can not express empathy so its better to complain to a person than a machine.The traditional human touch is replaced by machine causing less job for people.In case the computer Glitch customer may to have the way to access the internet for services.

When customer leave a bad review its goes a long way to the extent of losing customers. (J.Moody/2018)Sustainability practicesBelow is a sample of a sustainable practice.  This is a project created from Nature that has become a part of genuine Mediterranean hospitality in the North of Sardinia. A holiday by the sea with Delphina that has an eco-friendly soul.

(Delphina Hotels & Resorts/1993 assessed 2018) (Delphina Hotels & Resorts/1993 assessed 2018)Eco-friendly practices are becoming the standard as hotels are now focus on renewable energy resources and the use of water insufficiency. Many hotels are installing solar panels system and updating their systems so that air conditioners and lights automatically switch off when guests leave their rooms.Sustainable sourcing has become so important that is integrating natural element with green though evolution inspire by multiple factors like cost saving, guest experience; brand and images of the hotel. Economically the government have


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