Effective with your husband/wife, kids, boss, or

Effective communication has a requirement of 4 main skills: Engaged listening, nonverbal communication, managing stress in the moment and asserting yourself in a respectful way. This applies in a given situation where you’re trying to improve your communication skills with your husband/wife, kids, boss, or just people in general. Learning these skills are vital to ensure and maintain a healthy relationship with others, as well as building greater trust and respect, improved teamwork, easier problem solving, and bringing an improvement to your overall social and emotional health. Having effective communication skills in a health and social care setting such as a care home, hospital and/or hospice, is very important as the bond that a patient feels with his or her clinician can ultimately improve or worsen their health mediated through participation in their care.

Interpersonal interaction is a broad term that defines how people relate to each other. This term is often used to ask potential hires how good they are at operating in a team environment. Interpersonal interaction consists of communication skills, body language, tone, listening skills and any other verbal or non-verbal communication.Interaction is between individuals. It may involve words, gestures, sounds, drawings, touch and smell. This interaction may apply to the people that have a hearing deficiency and therefore look to BSL to communicate, or a visually impaired person who needs to use BRAILLE to convey a message and/or interact with another individual.

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Communication is the exchange of a verbal or non-verbal message. This may be carried out in 2 ways: Non- verbal: Touch, facial expressions, gestures, letters.Verbal: speech, writing, clarity, tone, pitch.


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