Edwin Barron English 1301.41438 Prof. Savage 9 October

Edwin Barron
English 1301.41438
Prof. Savage
9 October 2018
Research Paper on Banning Animal Testing
Everyday there is millions of products and cosmetics sold all across the world and every product needs to be tested for safety reasons before it’s out on the market. Those products are tested on animals such as rats, rabbits, cats, etc. Testing on animals has been going on for decades and is hurting and even killing innocent creatures for human benefits. Animals and humans are alike in many ways, they both feel, breath, have thoughts, and experience pain. Thereby, animals should be treated with the same respect as humans. Animals also have a basic moral right to respectful treatment, so if animals are being tested when they have no say in or volunteering for these tests, their rights are being violated because they are given no choice. Animals are forced to these tests that can cause severe damage or death, and they are not given an option whether they want to participate or not. This is ruthless and unfair towards these animals and is very unnecessary to risk an animal’s innocent life just for the sake of human benefits. How would humans feel if they were subjected to being tested and having to deal with pain and risk their lives without having any choice? How would they feel if they were given a disease, so scientists can possibly see if they can cure it? Today we are far on technology that there has to be alternatives for these types of tests, instead of using animals and taking their lives. Even though using animals as research and testing has helped scientists, animals don’t deserve to go through suffering, painful damage, and death and have their rights violated for the sake of humans’ benefits.
Animal testing is using animals in experiments to determine toxicity, dosage, and efficacy of testing drugs before proceeding to human clinics. Harmful testing on animals is morally wrong in today’s world, many people debate whether animal testing should be banned. I believe animal testing is cruel and unnecessary and it should be banned and replaced with an alternative method. Animal testing is a quite controversial topic that is talked about quite often because


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