Burnout for long hours Academic burnout includes

Burnout can affect a lot of individuals including the college students. It has also been found out that it is one of the large contributors to the loss of interest on students in their academic studies. Most of the people think burnout is only for individuals who are employed. In students, similar work-related burnout conditions […]

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“sweat” responsible exam or a test it is

“sweat” begins on the night just before the exam .However, American researchers (what would students from all over the world do without them!) Have proved that before a responsible exam or a test it is better to get a good night’s sleep – there will be more benefits.Scientists recommend using the night before the exam […]

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The about their parents love towards them. Kids

The Sad Reality Should we stay together for the good of our children? That is a question that many parents have asked themselves. Divorce rates are higher every year and sometimes parents are not aware of the consequences that it could causes to their own kids. Parental divorce creates strong psychological effects in children. Divorce […]

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The that these lower level goals are

The university environment can act as a great proxy for real life work and organisations. There are great many parallels between university and a job as far as goals and methods of achieving them are concerned. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many methods of motivating workers also apply to a typical university […]

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On optimally receive medication and getting a

On top of all of this, he alsoshows difficulties adjusting to social situations when interacting with otherchildren. The way that Tom was diagnosed was through diagnostic criteria. Thisis because in order for someone to be diagnosed with ADHD, they have to meetthe specific criteria. Using diagnostic criteria to diagnose people with ADHDis a more straightforward […]

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One (wooden paddles, sticks, belts, yardstick, pins), painful

One day in the spring of 2016, Kemyriah Patie, a first-grader at Fair Elementary School in Louisville, Mississippi, was accused of saying something inappropriate to another student. Three teachers administered the punishment. Two held Kemyriah down while a third used a wooden paddle to strike her repeatedly on the backside and legs. Her mother, Shawanda […]

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Abstract nature has remarkable influence on making

  AbstractThepresent study explored the effect of personality types on the academicachievement of rural and urban secondary school students. The sample comprisedof 400 secondary school students (200 rural and 200 urban). The sample for thestudy was selected randomly from the different schools of Srinagar (as urbandistrict) and Budgam (as rural district). The sample was selected […]

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Introduction their family. They also have fewer

Introduction :Rates of depression in college students are at an all time high. Millions of emerging adults are experiencing symptoms that are making daily routines problematic. These symptoms may include, but are not limited to, drowsiness, loss of appetite, sense of hopelessness, apathy, and irritability. Long periods of suffering through such feelings are non-conducive to […]

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Most in the morning, students would still go

Most schools around the country start too early for kids to get proper sleep which is causing serious detrimental problems. Both physical and mental health are affected by sleep, or lack thereof, but despite this almost all high schools start before the recommended time.  If high schools started at the right time it would improve […]

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Bristol, Caro, Mangaliman and Bernarte (2016) defined

Bristol, Caro, Mangaliman and Bernarte (2016) defined media dependency as a phenomenon that occurs when people expose heavily on the use of media. To explain such dependency, classical theorists believed that human has these natural needs of socializing with his/her fellow men as this aspect is ranked high on his Hierarchy of Needs model (Maslow, […]

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