Education education” in modern science, on the

Education is a special sphere of society and the state, in which the transfer and reproduction of not only the knowledge, skills, skills and cultural experience of generations, but also the nature of thinking itself, world outlook, world view, spiritual values, historical and moral self-consciousness of the nation is improved.

Education in the system of values of modern man is one of the first places. The education system is a complex changing mechanism. Permanent changes in this area affect almost all citizens of the world.

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-Bringing education in line with the world level requires significant material and organizational efforts on the part of the state and its bodies, as well as assistance from society. The main directions of the education reform are associated with increasing the investment attractiveness of the education sector and ensuring the availability of quality education, as well as the transition to the principles of per capita financing and the formation of an effective market for educational services. All this necessitates the process of modernization of education, which nevertheless must be carried out extremely deliberately.

The main purpose of this work is to study the legal nature and content of the constitutional right of citizens to education and the problems of its development in the Russian Federation.

The relevance of this work is due, on the one hand, great interest to the topic “The constitutional right of citizens to education” in modern science, on the other hand, its insufficient elaboration. Consideration of issues related to this topic has both theoretical and practical significance.


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