education to get familiar with all kinds of

education in itself has tremendous influence on spirit civilization, which accounts for a large part in a country’s development.As a place where knowledge handed down and wisdom passed around, school represent the homeland of scholars like Socrates and Confucius, who had huge impact on the promotion of spirit civilization, and the birthplace of innovative ideas like democracy.

First and foremost, a complete education system provides large number of qualified people with advanced knowledge’s and skills in a wide range of subjects. Through attending various educational facilities, including but not limited high school, college and university, people can get themselves prepared for and contributed to the development of the country, which clearly requires the effort from all profession. For instance, if you want to be an architect, you go to university to learn basic knowledge in construction and designing, if you want to be doctor or nurse, you go to a medicine school to get familiar with all kinds of medicines and acquire some first-hand experience.

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