Education helps individuals interact with one another

Education has a pivotal role in the society that we live in because the function of education is many- sided; it affects learners in the dimensions of the school system and outside the school. Education is fundamental in different societies from the simple societies to the industrial societies because it helps individuals interact with one another and develop their own unique personality.
This is the most important function of education because this is the function which will help them learn about how the society around them functions and help you differentiate between right and wrong. The society they live in will expose them to teachings which will not be taught in the curriculum for school purpose but will be taught for everyday experiences such as social skills, norms and values. They are taught fundamental skills which will benefit the students in the future such as learning how to read and write but also how to interact with other learners and how to communicate in the right type of manner (respectably with values). For example, Children in a classroom will learn to communicate a answer in class by raising their hand instead of shouting out loud so that they can respect one another’s opinion and answer.
Development of Personality:
According to Durkheim, Education plays an important role in the development of personality. Education helps enhance the advancement of characteristics of a learner , such as mental , physical , emotional and the character of the student because they are exposed to different situations, with diverse other learners , with different answers and ideologies which could influence a learner to change their own personal ideologies and perspectives. The interaction with other learners will also help the learners to develop their own sense of identity (the self) and develop their own kind of character traits , attitudes and habits which are all influenced by the education system , teachers and the outlook of their peers and classmates.


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