Education in education the social point of

Education as a Sub-System:

Education is a sub-system of the society. It is related to other sub-systems. Various institutions or sub-systems are a social system because they are interrelated. Education as a sub-system performs certain functions for the society as whole. There are also functional relations between education and other sub-systems. For example, Education trains the individuals in skills that are required by economy. Similarly education is conditioned by the economic institutions.
Education as a Sub-System:

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Sociological tendency in education made several thinkers in the field of education to discuss and classify the relationships between education and society. Education was considered as a sub-system of the larger society.The character of society and social changes taking place must influence the system of education also. It was emphasized that these social changes and emerging social needs must be rejected in the theory and practice of education also.

This point was very much emphasized by Dewey in his book, “The School and Society” wherein he said that while proposing to bring about a change in education the social point of new should always be kept in mind, otherwise it will be considered merely an arbitrary fad. “Education for the society” emerged as the focus of educational thought.


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