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This research attempts to investigate the participation of women in peacekeeping operations. Participation of women in peacekeeping operations remains an important area of research to security studies as a discipline, as a result it not only poses threat to global socio-economic development, but also it is regarded as a threat to human security. It is […]

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The of a fierce debate in higher

The issue of internationalisation has been the subject of a fierce debate in higher education throughout the last decades. Attending universities in the UK has traditionally been the main route for international students to acquire foreign degrees so there is no doubt that internationalisation plays an important role in our lives. Nowadays, British universities tend […]

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Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and storms are occurring more frequently and prevalently due to intensified population growth and urbanisation. Few significant natural disasters that happened globally have portrayed the severity and disruptions that leads to business failure and organisation crisis. More businesses are adversely affected by natural disaster leading to severe consequences and […]

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Throughout History many events have occurred that has put a dent into the timeline, it could be simple things or more complicated things. These events regardless of the impact they have done bring forth the fundamentals of how History that came to be. In this essay, we’ll come to discuss and analyze the four different […]

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Findings percent, while in Mkungugu village they

Findings showed that 52 percent of the interviewed household heads were females and 48 percent were males. At village level, two villages of Mkungugu and Mkulula had a different number of respondents for both males and females. Mkungungu village had 52.9 percent respondents as males compared to Mkulula village, which had 43.8 percent responded as […]

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Mary the trunk and branches of the tree.

Mary NguyenStudent ID: 1641926Short-response #1: Option BWork presented toMaureen Robin JonesWorld Views of Heroes and Heroines345-102-MQ Section 00009Vanier CollegeMonday March 26th, 2018In our racism talk, race is broken down to three sections that can be metaphorically compared to elements of a tree. These three components are called structural, institutional and individual racism. They, together, form […]

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Discipline control in the behavior of a

Discipline in education is to prepare students for valuable living condition within the society to acquire quality education, which contributes to the economic, social and political development of the nation. It is among the basic ingredient that plays crucial roles in school system. According to Schon, D. (1983) suitably states that, every child has a […]

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