Economic limited capacity to adapt to climate

Economic growth often has negative environmental consequences. According to the World Bank (2014), the rate at which natural resources (ie land, water and air) are degrading in many countries is “astounding”. Many people’s health is also threatened by factors such as air pollution, waterborne diseases and exposure to harmful chemicals. Especially true in developing countries, where they are highly dependent on natural resources, have limited capacity to adapt to climate change, and have limited resources to compensate for the effects of these changes.Oil has been an essential condition of industrial economies and modern militaries. At last hundred years, oil was became a main reason for war(2016, Michael Peck). In grow and develop the economy, In fact, oil meets 97% of the UK transport and industry’s needs.

Besides, it benefits our lives because it is critical materials for the production of many essentials. All the chemical product has almost made by petroleum refining, such as plastics, fertilizers, detergents, paints and even pharmaceuticals, as well as a range of other products you might not think through (2015, Oil & Gas in UK).

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