Early Nez Perce, but the actual tribe doesn’t

Early history of the Native Americansin my Counties            In my firstessay I’m going to talk about the Nez Perce, Shoshone and Bannock, and thePaiute Native American Tribes. They lived in my area, which is Boise County,Payette County, Gem County, and Washington County.

Get ready to see how thesetribes lived back then.               The firsttribe I’m talking about is the Nez Perce. The Nez Perce tribes name means”pierced nose.” The US government calls them by Nez Perce, but the actual tribedoesn’t refer to themselves that way.

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The people of the Nez Perce tribe are descendantsof the ancient Cordilleran Culture of 5500 BC. The people of the Nez Percespeak an endangered language called Niimiipuutiimt, but not a lot of people usethis language. The Nez Perce people use a bow and arrow for a weapon and aleather shield for protection. Their houses were holes in the ground with acovering over them. They would have to build little huts on hunting trips.             The tribeI’m going to talk about next is the Shoshone Bannock.

 The tribe mostly lived in the southern part ofIdaho. This tribe will sometimes call themselves the Panati. Over half of thetribe, live in the Fort Reservation Hall.  There are an estimated 1,200 lodges and a populationof about 8,000 people a part of the tribe.   The peopleof the tribe are fishers, hunters, gathers, and they would move the tribe to differentplaces where food was available.   Dunbar 2One important person in the tribe was Sacagawea.

She was interrupterfor Lewis and Clark on their expedition.            The nexttribe I’m going to talk about is the Paiute. The women of the tribe are highlyskilled in basket weaving.  The basketsare used in everyday life of this tribe. The people of the tribe were in a constantsearch for food. The men of this tribe were not very good at hunting, but that didn’tstop them from doing it. They used a bow and arrow for hunting.

  Because the tribe was not rich in their possessions,they were not robbed that often from other tribes.   


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