e) waiting for the concrete to solidifies.

e) In the process of building a column, first, the location of columns should be marked earlier so that its position can be set out with the height required. Secondly, steel bars is placed in position and allow for concrete cover to protect them from the phenomenon of corrosion. Thirdly, a formwork is built and supported firmly by timber bracing that gives the concrete in column its shape and keep it in place while waiting for the concrete to solidifies. Fourthly, concrete will be poured and vibrated. Lastly, after the concrete hardened, the formwork then will be dismantled.f) For floor beam and slab, all the steel scaffolding or timber props have to be elevated to the soffit of beam or slab level. Secondly, the timber framing needs to be adjusted then go after plywood formwork for slab and beams.

In the third order, locate the steel bar in situation for beams and slab and pour the concrete and shake it. Additionally, in order to ensure the concrete is not crack, one must constantly water the surface of the concrete slab. Lastly, the formwork will be disassemble.g) In constructing roof beam, steel scaffolding is needed to support and elevate workers or materials.

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It will be erected to the soffit of beam level. Next, the carpenters for the project will build formwork and steel bars will be placed in position. Then, concrete is poured and vibrated so it could mix well.

Last but not least, the formwork is dismantled after the concrete is done hardened.


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