During student such thing as communication and

During my semester i had two lectures and two workshop for CPD module. I would like to talk about lectures that helped me more and which i think will be most useful and helpful for my future education. As I’m international student such thing as communication and Professional etiquette is important to know and be confident about it. Business etiquette is a set of certain rules of conduct adopted in the sphere of production, services, culture, science, etc., that is, in the sphere of your professional activity. Compliance with business etiquette depends on the time and circumstances. In contrast to the norms of morality, the rules of etiquette are more conditional and have the character of unwritten laws, which are strictly observed. Professional morality specifies the General moral norms and assessments that determine a person’s attitude to their professional duties, and indirectly-to the people with whom it interacts according to their profession and to society as a whole. There are some point that I want to mention, such as Greeting Etiquettes, respect, dressing etiquettes and conversation etiquettes. It’s always good to know how to behave when you are at office with your colleagues or with ur family members, it doesn’t matter what is ur culture or where u came from, all people must know Professional etiquette. Second aspect I what to cover is Library Basics and searching business database, during workshop in library teacher taught us how to use locate and how to find information which is necessary. Notice that way how they provide it was a short game inside of library, also that was a guide to using the library all collections are separated be subject area, it makes work in library easy and informative. Third is about making a successful presentation, presentation is more serious and has an objective, successful presentation results in the achievement of the objectives of the presentation, all presentation has common goal and the common goal is to communicate the contents to the audience effectively, I would like to include some points of successful presentation, eye contact pauses and silence, preparation, personality projection and usage of notes. The speaker should try to establish the reaction of the audience to the speech, the presenter should make eye contact while presenting. Presenter should make a pause it necessary before each new thought. Last lecture was about academic writing and referencing. When writing assignments for your studies, academic papers outlining our research or reports for work, you need to highlight your use of other author’s ideas. There are many styles of referencing, one of the most popular one is the Harvard system. Student should be ensure that the reference is factually accurate and complete, do not express opinions that are relevant and that you competent to give. Reader would feel more comfortable a=when they identify the original work. It will be clear to readers from which resources the evidence is taken from. To provid the knowledge and understanding that has introduced in the discussion or an argument referencing is the important factor that supports the evidence.


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