During Breakfast = Better behaviour 2. Breakfast = Higher

During a small internal study, done at our school comprising of over
230 children that were attended to by our school nurse in the course of 10
weeks over issues from minor bruises to a runny nose to stomach pain, it was
observed that most of the complaints happened during the first 2 hours of
resumption and about 30% comprised of stomach pains/ abdominal pains.



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Many years of credible research has proven that a healthy breakfast
positively impacts brain function and energy level, which is extremely
important for school-aged children.


Being tired, irritable, or restless are symptoms that lead to
aggressive behaviour that causes children to get in trouble in school.


1.  Breakfast = Better behaviour

2.  Breakfast = Higher test scores

3.  Breakfast = Better class attendance










Better Behaviour?

Children who regularly eat a morning meal have more energy, are less
likely to exhibit aggressive behaviour and have a better attitude towards



Higher test scores /
better concentration?

A study published in 1998 in the Archives
of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine showed significantly higher maths
test scores after children ate breakfast. This and other research clearly show
that children who consistently eat breakfast test higher in most academic


Further, not just breakfast but the composition of the breakfast is
important as published  under ” Effect of breakfast composition on cognitive
processes in elementary school children Caroline R. Mahoney a,*, Holly A.
Taylor a , Robin B. Kanarek a , Priscilla Samuel b

          Better class attendance?

        Children who eat breakfast are absent from school
fewer days.         They also spend less
time in the nurse’s office complaining of         stomach
          Ironic as it may sound, children
who claim they don’t eat         breakfast
due to a lack of time in the morning are tardy more       often than those who take time in the morning to have         breakfast.





What to do?

Here are some tips to help get your child to have that all – so –
important first meal of the day…

Prepare for school the night before. Clothes, school bag, etc.

Set the alarm earlier ( 10mins – 15mins) to allow more time for

Say NO  to TV, video games and computers in the
morning before school

Choose foods that require little preparation like bread and butter,
fresh fruits, cereals, boiled eggs, oatmeal etc.





And finally…




Set a good example.






Authored and compiled by:

Daniel Amahaotu



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