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During the stock market, I purchased variety of stocks that would make me earn a lot money but first I had look at their percentage growth to see if I wanted spend money on them or not. However, the majority of the stocks were so unstable so it was a risk but you never know it might be a good thing and the first stocks I spend were in fast food like for example, Chipotle and McDonald’s they were the ones with high a percentage growth above 5.0%.     The stocks that I invest in Chipotle, Cisco, Bank of America, McDonalds, Exxon Mobile and etc. However, I tried to invest in variety of companies that have different production so I do not have to worry much in just one company. As the stock market went on the some days I got a lot profit but some days I lost a lot so it also made realize that is like a roller coaster so is a risky job , some people wouldn’t like to have this as an everyday job. In McDonalds I bought 23 shares of it and it return  almost made out of it $1056 dollars which was pretty good and had an percentage growth of 2.4%.         In Bank of America I invested almost $2300 dollars and the bank had a good consistent rate of growth but other days It crashed bad that made loose thousands of dollars. In Cisco, a technology company that works on the internet department has a growth rate that is .32% which was not a bad at all but I did not get enough profit out of it and I spend $112, also bought three stocks from them. In the petroleum industry I went with Exxon Mobile, which they make a decent amount of money out of it, and I spend almost $2415 and made a profit of $4233 and I got the double of what I spend on. During the stock market I observe that each company had a fast day’s of change, it updated every 10 seconds s that is madness. I mostly spend in the Industry service because that’s where investors have a good outcome, and can trust to spend on them. Purchasing stocks and bonds the only way to save for retirement and the answer is no because you could literally lose all your money and make you be in debt and it just to earn little bit of extra money but not a safe job that you use forever. After completing the stock market game I’ve learned that has a similar role as a casino and can make people rich or make them really broke but having this as a job will be not a steady one for someone who has no knowledge of the stocks. The way I could’ve chose my stocks differently was by looking more on the day’s range so I can get an estimate when to buy the stocks for a low price and later sell them for a high price, and buy a quantity of stocks between twenty to twenty-five but in the industries of technology and basic materials. Although, it wouldn’t make a big difference, it could had a different outcome and maybe the total market value worth a lot. Alternative to save money for retirement is spend in good stocks and keep them until they are worth in a high price and sell them and use that money to save for retirement but don’t over do it because some may no be the same. In the stock market I learned that people can also buy stocks with bitcoins an easy way to do, and is a safe way to make purchases. The variety of stocks have a price that sometimes you don’t wanna risk it but it can give you some extra cash.     


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