Dr. years, through many generations. In his “I

Dr.Martin Luther King was one of the many civil rights activists who took a standand spoke his mind. The legacy he left behind is one that will be shared foryears and years, through many generations. In his “I Have Dream Speech”, Dr.

King, referenced Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which is thedocument responsible for freeing slaves in the union. Martin Luther King’s Ihave a dream speech was his dream of ending social, economic and racialinjustice. He wanted to make sure everyone; no matter the race had equalopportunities.Mydream is very similar to Dr.

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King’s. My dream is to stop police brutality onunarmed people of color. There are a few ways I have in mind to raise awarenessand push for a change.

One of these is to spread awareness throughout mycommunity. I can do this by communicating with the members of my community orcommunicating through social media. I can try to contact congress so that thepolice will get better training. Many of the police officers are not fullytrained on how to de-escalate a situation. Racial profiling is also a hugeproblem within the police force.

Every suspect should be treated the same.Lastly, I can try to get laws changed that target people of color and do moreresearch. Bydoing all of these things, I can help raise awareness on the current issue ofpolice brutality. Change is a slow process, but if we push for change, we willmake a difference. We have made it so far and we can go even farther. We haveabolished slavery, obtained the right to vote, and we even made into congress!Those are amazing accomplishments considering where we were before, but we arestill not equal.

Change still needs to happen. We need to be the ones to makethat change happen.              ~Sources~contributor, Sirry AlangOpinion. “How to Dismantle Racism and Prevent Police Brutality.” USA Today,Gannett Satellite Information Network, 12 May 2017, www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/policing/2017/05/12/how-dismantle-racism-and-prevent-police-brutality/101481438/.



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