Don but Sancho represents reality. They complement

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza’s relationship is important, and the reader can see that the two characters represent unique character traits. Quixote represents illusion, because he insane, but Sancho represents reality. They complement in a win-lose relationship. By becoming friends, they consist of one same mind and body. Their relationship, idealism and realism, affects each other in a negative way.

Sancho and Don Quixote’s relationship shows people need imagination and reality in life; in addition, this means humans, most humans anyway, know reality but, most humans choose to add our own imagination to it, so it will not seem as bad as it really is. By coming together, they become one person who adds imagination in life. Sancho sees that the things the two friends encounter: windmills and flocks of sheep; however, Don Quixote saw the windmills were giants, and the inn was a castle. Humans also dream things that are not possible. Such as, an old man dreaming to be young again one day. Don Quixote and Sancho are different because Don Quixote sees an illusion, but Sancho sees reality; however, Sancho loses himself when he stopped seeing reality and started to imagine things, like Don Quixote.

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