Doctors need to be peeled to eat

Doctors recommend eating five fruits a day because they are important for our health.

They should occupy a primordial place in our diet as a source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and energy whose role of general protection of the body is confirmed every day, among these fruits are apples and oranges. While this two fruits are similar in their shape, they differ in the appearance, and the taste. There are several ways that apple and oranges are alike, both are round fruits, and both provide the body with vitamins and nutrients, apples are good fiber and very healthy, and oranges are known for their vitamin C, which has good health benefits and it helps protect the immune system. Additionally, they are both types of foods that grow on trees. Therefore, these two have many things in common and what people love about them is because they are nutritious, tastes brilliant, and adds color for a healthy lifestyle. One major difference between apples and oranges is their appearance. Apples are red with a smooth and thin skin.

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they do not have to be peeled to eat them. On the other hand, oranges are orange in color and have a very thick bumpy skin called a rind. They need to be peeled to eat them. A second difference is the taste. When you bite into apples, they are crunchy and tart.

you can make them into pies. When you bite into oranges, they are stringy, juicy and sweet. You cannot make them into pies, but you can grate the rind and add it to cookies dough for an orange flavor. While apples and oranges share similar qualities in terms of their design like shape, or the benefits they provide for the body, and grows on trees, they also differ in specific areas, like the appearance and the taste, making each unique and valuable.


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