Do differences between the Western cultures versus

Do culture experiences influence a person’s perception of the world? Many studies have shown that each person perceives things differently because of they from different cultures and how it has shaped the way they view the world. People frequently fail to notice how culture can be very different for each individual; therefore, it affects each person differently. Therefore, it is easy for people to understand that people in each country have diverse viewpoints about stressful events that happen in their country. There are tremendously differences between the Western cultures versus East Asian cultures. In particular, three traumatic events in Vietnam are very different from the U.S.: school, college entrance, wedding.
The first stressful event in Vietnam that different from the U.S is starting at a school. In Vietnam, parents have to handle all of the stress of finance when their children started to go to school since they have to pay for it. The primary school in Vietnam are “free”, but many kids still cannot afford to go to school. Even though, the tuition is not very high, but as a matter of fact, the fees for their children are big matters for poor families. In secondary school, high school and higher education, the cost is higher in secondary school and beyond, so students have to pay higher tuition if they want to go to school. Additionally, there are also other costs besides tuition such as textbooks, uniforms, sanitation, the building being repainted, which keep poor children out of school. Due to the limitations of cost, poor families cannot afford to come to school. The government does not provide financial support for poor families like financial aid or subsidies to help them. Therefore, it is also extremely difficult to find a scholarship in Vietnam. As a consequence, many children eventually drop out of school, no matter how well they are studying in class. Some of students end up work at convenience stores, or wander the streets selling gum, lottery tickets and clean others people shoes. On the other hand, education in the United States from kindergarten to high school is completely free. Parents do not have to be anxious about the cost in school as the government already pays for them. No matter how each family’s economic condition is, every child in the United States is given a free education equally. When they are going into a higher degree, the government provide financial aids and many scholarships opportunity for students. Furthermore, students in America do not have to buy uniform because they can wear casual clothes when they are going to school. The school have free school buses so parents do not have to concerned who is picking the kids in the morning or after school. Under the circumstances, cost in school is the biggest difference between Vietnam and the United States.
Second, getting into college in Vietnam is much harder than in the United States. Students have to take at least two exams in order to get into any universities. The first exam that they need to take is graduation exam. In order to take the second exam, which is the national university or college entrance, students must pass the first one. If students cannot pass the first exam, they have to wait for the next year to retake it, but some students ultimately give up. Students can apply to only two universities. Each university has different requirements, so students may or may not be accepted. However, in the U.S education system, universities and Cal State require students to take the SAT or ACT as a college admission exam. The highest SAT or ACT score will be considered for whether that student can get into the university they have chosen or not. Nevertheless, the university also review their GPA and personal questions. Students can apply into four universities and also four Cal State. If students do not meet the required SAT score and GPA from the school that they chose, then they have other chances to apply to community college and later on they will get a chance to transfer into any university that they want. Therefore, getting into universities in the United States is easier than in Vietnam.
In Vietnam, people will experience a stressful time when it comes to wedding ceremony that differ from those in the United States. In order for a couple to get married in Vietnam, they have to go through many steps. People are always exhausted after the wedding day since sometimes it would takes two or three days in a row to finish it. The groom’s parents are going to the fortune-teller in order to choose the best day for their son wedding ceremony. One or two week before the wedding, they have to send out the invitations that they designed to their relatives and friends. People will feel disrespect and impolite if the groom and bride invite them by calling. Before the wedding, the groom’s family bring about seven or eight gifts to the bride’s house depend on the region that they from. These gifts are betel leaves, cakes, tea, roasted pork, jam, wines, and fruits. The one who can bring the trays are mostly single. After the wedding, the bride and the groom will give money for them so later on they can get married also. The wedding ceremony will be held in the groom’s house; therefore, he will hire a band, an MC, cookers and also people who decorate the house for him. In one day wedding, the bride changes clothes several times, but no matter what they have wear Ao Dai, which is the traditional clothes for the most important day. The couple will take pictures, of course, for their wedding photos album. During the wedding, the couple will going around to each table so that their friends can cheer for them. Majority of time, Vietnamese people only drink beer in wedding day. Nevertheless, American


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