Disney appearance rules. Symbol can incentive personal identification

Disney cultures:First, Disney’s built symbol. Symbols of Disney including two parts: material (Disney history and theme park) and ideational (language, belief, personal status, etc.). For example, employees in Disney represent: good looks, college affilition, career aspirations, past achivement, age and assorted other idiosyncratic matters.

And they have standard-mark with the appearance rules. Symbol can incentive personal identification and honor to organization.Second, Disney try to create a preferred kind of organizational culture directly by recruitment, selection, training, place ment. Disney trying to select ride operators for the park who are cheerful and extroverted and then training them both formally and informally to perform their “on-stage” work roles with as much enthusiasm as they can muster so that the explicit corporate goal of generating happy customers can be met. When service is the product, building a concern among employees for the customer’s comfort and pleasureis quite likely to be at the core of an organization’s culture.Third, Disney let employees find themselves at the top of the internal status ladder, thus making their loyalties to the organization. As some of the ride operators with unique skills, due to where one works in the park carries much social weight, they can be provied reward and benefits beyond those of wages.

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So they find themselves at the top and will be more loyalty to the organization.Fourth, Disney buitl the competition culture. The employees compete for status not only with each other but also with other employee groupings whose members are hired for the season from the same applicant pool. High competition environment motivate employee work hard.Fifth, level divided by uniform.

Uniforms are crucial in this regard for they provide instant communication about the social merits of demerits of the wearer within Disneyland workers. Employees lust for these higher status positions and the rights to small advantages such uniforms provide.Sixth, there has a so-called youth culture, which is indeed celebrated in and out of the park. For examples, they live together in the large and cheap apartment, and they always sponsor activities. This can improve their team work spirit and communication skills.

It is helpful for organization.Seventh, there has various autonomy maintained by employees. For example, Disney allow personel network that come from belonging to a tight little network of like-minded and sociable peers where off-duty interaction is at least as vital and pleasurable as the on-duty sort, such mechanisms are quite effective.

This is some of the most powerful and focused emotion work in the park, and those subject to negative sanction, rightly or wrongly, will grieve alone. Nonetheless, adherence and support for the organization and remarkable. So the culture and control perspective and subculture perspective build the pattern of meanings that guide the thinking, feeling, and behavior of Disney’s employee.


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