– As an eager nursing student, learning

– Discipline defined as the person is educated according to regulated, defined, and monitored standards (ref). When discipline of nursing is concern, it bridges research, theory and practices in order to maintain healthcare safety for staff and patients in hospital. – Explain your own personal experience…….

I began to recollect over the earlier years as a student nurse and then as a staff nurse. I graduated over three years ago so I have definitely seen some major changes in the nursing profession as a whole and its impact on nursing care. As a student nurse, my objective was to focus on the science of nursing. I worked diligently on nursing diagnoses, looking up medications and their side effects, and reviewing nursing theories that were taught in school.

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The emphasis was on learning nursing skills such as the correct position for an intramuscular injection, making the bed correctly, inserting a foley, etc. These were concrete duties/responsibilities that were taught by an instructor and perfected with experience. As an eager nursing student, learning and perfecting these skills were rewarding. As a nurse and later a provider, I was formulating my identity as a woman and as a nurse, through life’s experiences and through nursing experiences and was unaware of this transformation. –


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