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Dina Fine Maron(2018) in “How Opioids kill” reports that the US opioid epidemic startedat the pharmacy. Prescription Opioid drugs are not considered dangerous drugsbecause they are prescribed by a doctor. Prescription drugs tend to be lessstigmatizing in society than illicit drugs because painkillers are consideredmedically necessary for the treatment of pain.  Overdose of opioids killed 20,000 people in2016.  According to the CDC, that animportant step is finding out which drugs killed people due to overdose.

So,they conducted blood and urine tests on people who had died of overdose in manyUS states. They found an overwhelming number of deaths from very powerful drug namedfentanyl.Fentanyl is a drugthat was originally designed to relieve the most extreme pain in people who diefrom cancer, for example. Analogs are even more powerful. With a very littleexception, fentanyl analogues are mafufactured illegally and sold on the black marketbecause they have no legitimate medical benefit in humans.Opioid painkillers can lead to dangerousaddiction, not only to opioid prescription drugs, but also to heroin. Thosestruggling with opioid painkiller addiction may be left with few choices formaintaining their addiction once their prescription drug of choice is nolonger affordable or accessible. The relatively low cost and availability ofheroin make it an attractive and relatively easy substitute for opioids.

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Prescription opioids drug users are 19 times more likely to try heroin thanthose who used no previous opioid drugs along with the risk of switching toheroin is increased manifolds.The signs and symptoms of opioid dependence areexcessive mood swings, strong feeling, particularly being energetic or sedated,nausea and vomiting, decreased breathing rate, dizziness, frequent andintermittent loss of consciousness, confusion, poor coordination, often contractedpupils, increased pain despite raising doses, changes in sleep patterns.Here’s how fentanyl kills you:When it binds to endorphin-releasing receptorsin the brain it can spoil them.

Because of this, your body can not respond tolow oxygen levels or high levels of carbon dioxide. These are the two thingsthat tell your brain (which controls your lungs) that you need to breathe. Ifthe opioid is linked to these receptors, it cannot tell if the oxygen is low orthe carbon dioxide is too high and you will eventually stop breathing and die.If you take an oral medication you swallow, it can take a long time before itgets absorbed into the body as opposed to if you inject it or take medication.It can happen a lot faster.

Deaths due to accidental or intentionaloverdose of opioids can be prevented with naloxone. Naloxone is a competitiveantagonist of opioid receptors. It can be administered to reverse the effectsof opioid overdose. With an increase in overdose deaths, both prescription opioidsand heroin, a large number of people could benefit from improved access tonaloxone.

It has now been provided at the pharmacy benefits andover-the-counter plan. After a brief training, many evaluation studies haveconfirmed that naloxone can be safely administered and effectively reverse theoverdose of opioids without any abuse potential.  Naloxoneis a safe drug commonly used by emergency medical personnel and other firstresponders to prevent overdose deaths from opioids. Unfortunately, when aperson is overdosed, it is often too late. Health professionals are ideallypositioned to identify people at risk of opioid toxicity and equip them withthis life-saving drug. Training can also be offered to the family and friendsof the person who is at risk of overdosing. 


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