Dilemma to start his term he offered

Dilemma #1    John Adams the nation’s second president knew it was hard to stay out of other countries conflicts but he still followed Washington’s policy of neutrality. The French thought they were betrayed when the British and Americans did not fight in the Ohio river valley. Therefore the French armada began raiding American merchant vessels bound for Great Britain. John Adams sent a peace mission to Europe but by the time it arrived in France Napoleon had attained control. Napoleon was excited to make an agreement but in exchange, France did not have to pay for the ships they seized.Dilemma #2    Peace with France did not last very long. It started when Britain and France starting fighting and Britain began impressing American ships.

Our third president Thomas Jefferson became involved in a bad situation because the leader of Tripoli declared war on America for not paying tribute. Jefferson despised war but also disliked funding tribute. In 1802, he sent American boats to the mediterranean sea to protect American shipping. When American ships still kept being attacked Jefferson proposed an embargo which is a government scheme that stops merchant vessels from departing or entering the country’s port.

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Ultimately, the embargo act was abolished and American boats were still attacked by Britain and France.Dilemma #3    James Madison became the nations 4th president and to start his term he offered France and Britain a deal. The deal was if you end raiding American ships then we will discontinue trade with your enemy. Britain did not take the deal and still kept seizing American ships and eventually America declared war on Britain. The war of 1812 had started and the British had the upper hand with a stronger navy. In August 1814 the British invaded the capital and was responsible for the burning of Washington. The battle of New Orleans was the turning point of the war even though technically neither side won the war.

Dilemma #4    James Monroe became our 5th president in 1817 and after the drama of the war of 1812 Monroe was glad to return the country back to the system of isolationism. In Mexico, the revolution upon Spanish command was sparked by a priest named Miguel Hidalgo. Two other leaders also purified South America from Spain’s rule. Americans were excited about the revolution and the uprising of the Latin American people.

James Monroe created the Monroe doctrine and which his secretary of the state supported him. The Monroe doctrine was Thomas Jefferson’s principles and it said that north and south America are not subjected to future European colonization. The Monroe doctrine connected isolationism as a fundamental principle of our foreign policy.


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