Determination determined with an infrared thermometer (Baytek

Determination of Leaf gas exchange and leaf temperature
After the beginning of kaolin application in early June in both years of experiment, net photosynthesis rate (A) and stomatal conductance (gs) were determined every 20 days in four uniforms and fully expanded leaves of fruiting shoots from 09:00 -14:00 were measured with a portable gas exchange system (LCA-4, ADS, BioScientific Ltd., England) and leaf temperature was also determined with an infrared thermometer (Baytek Mini Temp.MT4, Milton Keynes, England). Leaf temperature measurements were carried out on sunny days on leaves exposed to sunlight. In order to obtain the average temperature of leaves in each treatment, a thermometer was located 30 cm above the foliar surface.
Determination of leaf water potential, sclerophylly indices, and water use efficiency
Leaf water status was assessed by measuring midday leaf water potential (?md) and sclerophylly indices every 20 days. The midday leaf water potential (?md) was determined in the same leaves used for gas exchange measurements. The leaves were detached and placed in a plastic bag then were instantly put in a pressure chamber (Skye Instruments Ltd., Model SKPM 1400, Isle of Skye, Scotland).


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