Determination in the long run. Thus my short term

and hard work are defining aspects of my character that always help
me in achieving
the goals which I set. Whenever
I take up any new assignment in my career journey, I plan and work
hard with perseverance and dedication to ensure maximum benefit of
the organization and my career growth. These traits of my character
have aided me in reaching the milestones I have targeted.

believe that knowledge is the best source of investment that pays
huge returns in the long run. Thus my short term goal is to get MBA
from a prestigious institution like Schulich School of Business and
then to be appointed as a mid-level manager in one of the leading
consulting firms in the international arena. The work experience I
currently have is oriented towards consulting domain which when
coupled with the high quality education I receive from the world
class faculty in Schulich will definitely boost my chances of
pursuing my goals. Moreover all leading global consulting firms value
the MBA from Schulich due to its best academic quality coupled with a
diversified class profile which will guarantee me a profile as per my

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the long run I want to take up a senior level position of a leading
international organization. The work experience I gain from my post
MBA working along with the enhancement of my leadership skills by
Schulich, I am confident that I will be in a position to achieve my
goals. After working for a reasonable period in the senior level
position of an organization I want to be an entrepreneur to make use
of the experiences gained to expand my horizon for the benefit of the
mankind. I am sure that I can mobilize enough funds in my business
venture to pursue my long-term dream of philanthropic activities.

would like to re-emphasize
my commitment and dedication for all the activities I take up in my
professional life to remain as a successful person with very high
social values.


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