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Despite many debates about sports influence on children, the only major dilemma appears for many parents; is it worth to enroll your child in competitive sports or not? Many parents are worried about how youth sports leagues will have an impact on their children and how many negative consequences it could entail.

There are many cases when youth sports leagues have a negative impact on children’s psychological condition, such as over-competitiveness, overuse injuries, youth violence, parents out-of-control abuses that later could lead to horrible results in adult life. Determinant factor for a child is the environment, that includes coaching supervision, a team with proper conduct and parental support. Although as a result of all the above negative factors, a lot of parents became negative towards competitive youth sports, parents still should enroll their kids in competitive youth sports, because with the proper environment it could teach teamwork, boost self-esteem and develop goal-setting skills.The discerned and objective benefits of participation in competitive youth sports for children and adolescents are countless which are including physical, physiological, and social development. First and foremost, participation in competitive sports fosters healthy physical activity and energy waste. However, according to Robert Lipsyte’s “Jock Culture,” he points out that the world may well be divided into Jokes and Pukes. Jocks being the alpha male by being the brave, manly, ambitious, and focused type.

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Where Pukes were quite the opposite in that they are distracting, girlish, and handicapped by their lack of thinking.


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