To carried out on the specimens prepared

To achieve the objective of this study an experimental programme with small diameter cores to investigate the influence of various parameters was carried out to examine the results in relation to the recommended procedures was carried out. Three different concrete mixtures were produced. Ordinary Portland cement, natural aggregate, river sand were used in concrete mixtures. […]

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CONCLUSION illegal access to a user’s data on

CONCLUSIONIn this paper, we examined the problem for security associated issues while storing the information on cloud. To prevent and implement illegal access to a user’s data on cloud we devised an efficient system architecture which supports efficient operations on data like modification of data, deleting or appending the data. We implemented ip triggering which […]

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ABSTRACT constraints of reusing phrases from the

ABSTRACTWith the rapid growth of the information in the web data the need to retrieve, analyse and understand a large amount of information has increased. Huge amount of data is being generated and consumed by the people and machines every second. Access to huge amount of information often leads to confusion in identification of the […]

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GUJARAT the PROJECT Report entitled “IOT (wireless

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY (GTU)AHMEDABAD- 382424 61595161925Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Chandkheda-382424(Affiliated with GTU)AProject reportOn” IOT(wireless wi-fi) & EYE FLIP OPERATE REMOTE APPLIENCES” Prepared as a part of the requirement for the subject ofPROJECTB.E-IV Semester- VII(Electronics & Communication Branch)Submitted By:Group: 28Sr. No. Name Enrollment No.1 Amin Monika A. 1401701110052 Karmur Sejal D. 1401701110443 Makwana Meghna A. 140170111053Prof. […]

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1 Delhi B.Tech IT, MSIT Delhi imsh [email protected]

1 Classification of Bee Images Using Support Vector Machines and Principal Component Analysis Sharvan Jeet Prasoon Tripathi B.Tech IT, MSIT Delhi B.Tech IT, MSIT Delhi imsh [email protected] tripathi. [email protected] Abstract Object Classification is an important task within the field of computer vision. Image classification refers to the labelling of images into one of several predefined […]

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In for some instructions of Vertex Shader

In this paper we have done the design for some instructions of Vertex Shader and the Pixel Shader separately. In future we make them unified so that we can achieve parallelism hence, can reduce the total area. And then can achieve better performance and efficiency.This paper presents the design of programmable shader core computing unit […]

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Implementation rules (such as one-way and two-ways) are

Implementation issuesIn this research, the users are divided into two groups including drivers and passengers in a ride-sharing scenario. The drivers intend to have an optimum trip with the minimum time lost, maximum passengers transfer and financial expenses. The passengers desire to be guided from their origins to destinations with the minimum cost. The required […]

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Who all canons of international law, we

Who has influenced your life the most?¬† Who is it that you want to emulate?¬†Emulate means to imitate.¬† Who is your personal hero and why?A Review of LiteratureMaheen Aamir FYE 105 Ms. Sheila Simpson10/10/2018 Everyone has someone they look up to and want to be just like them and everyone has different opinions about who […]

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The 2Regularly established in more advanced societies, a

The first studies of rock art began in the late 1800s during an examination of the Upper Palaeolithic cave systems of Western Europe. Rock art remains of significant to indigenous communities in different regions across the globe, who see them as both sacrosanct works and noteworthy segments of their social patrimony.1 Archaeological sites such as […]

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The Copyright @ 2018 Dr. JK Research

The English Research Express ISSN: 2321-1164 (Online); 2347-2642 (Print) IJELL-International Journal of English Language and Literature Peer Reviewed (Refereed) International Journal run by Dr. JK Research Foundation, Chennai, India Available in on line at Copyright @ 2018 Dr. JK Research Foundation, Chennai, India. All rights reserved. Title of the Paper: FEMINISTIC PERSPECTVE IN ARUNDHATI […]

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