• year: wander among the peonies, admire

• If you like flowers and plants, here is a place to write about your program: the New York Botanical Garden. The New York Botanical Garden is located in the heart of the Bronx, giving you the opportunity to experience this New York area, which is less crowded with tourists than Manhattan and Brooklyn.• Founded […]

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At drew from Islamic culture, Malaysian climate

At the end of 20th century, the government of Malaysia decided to relocate the Selangor Turf Club, one of the three horse racing clubs of the country, to the edge of the city. This presented the opportunity to develop this land to meet the demands of urban growth. In 1990 an international competition was held […]

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GROUP the exact words of God as

GROUP 10: THE RISE AND SPREAD OF ISLAM AND THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE HOUSE OF WISDOMIslam is believed to have originated in the early 7th century CE in Mecca. The word “Islam” is a verbal noun mostly relating to submission, safeness and peace. In a religious context, Islam means submission to God. It is a […]

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I a great impact on history of Architecture.

I have always wanted to travel around the world. From a very young age, while I was traveling with my family, I was happy and amazed to discover new cities and the stories they can tell. Every city we visited carried behind a history of a civilization that lived and chose how to shape their […]

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Introduction the customer’s specific needs, it also

IntroductionAs the world develops, new and more advanced ways of construction are being invented and replacing the old ways, the most important of them is prefabricated building / construction, which is a practice in which buildings are assembled of components, in which these structure components are manufactured in a factory and then transported to the […]

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Greek height of the entablature. This was

Greek Architects had almost an obsession with perfectionwhen building temples and monuments. This is something The Parthenon and the Templeof Apollo have in common. Both temples have trabeation structures and followthe Greek idea that they had to be perfect from all sides. This means that the columnscontinue around the whole structure and the building does […]

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The postmodernism era was about. Postmodernism had this

      The term grand narrative or in other words, the “metanarrative”, whichwhen you derive the word itself, it basically means a complex idea formed bythe concept of a story, inside a story, that explains the philosophical aspectsof knowledge and history. It is basically a global narrative theory of the ancienthistoric events, which completes an aspect of […]

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The out” as a very important monument.

The UNESCO should consider strongly the idea of giving ‘aid’ to this marvelous piece of cultural heritage, in which melt the art styles and histories of both great empires and religions in peace, harmony, and beauty. This construction is also important simply because it has affected the evolution of differently purposed buildings. There are several […]

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“Holy a whole. This cathedral showed the

“Holy Wisdom”- that is what the most splendid and famous Byzantine church ever built means from Greek. This monument has been used as a temple dedicated to each of the two most dominant religions, but in present day it is an art museum. The great church is built on thefoundations of previous churches from the Byzantine era, as well as a pagan temple.  Hagia Sophia itself is quite intricate and grand in its appearance, but the most spectacular part of it is the dome, measured thirty two meters in […]

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Light had its moment with the internationalism, where

Light maroonin color, it is in the shape of a space shuttle that looks poised for launch.Rivera, another commercial building, makes use of aluminum strips to formappealing geometrical forms. The city’s craze for funky design extends topublic spaces as well. The one that literally stands out is the giant fountainshaped like a tap at the […]

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