To carried out on the specimens prepared

To achieve the objective of this study an experimental programme with small diameter cores to investigate the influence of various parameters was carried out to examine the results in relation to the recommended procedures was carried out. Three different concrete mixtures were produced. Ordinary Portland cement, natural aggregate, river sand were used in concrete mixtures. […]

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This critical review article gives an overview

This critical review article gives an overview of efficiency, stability and durability of self-cleaning technology (SCT). The SCT includes so many widespread applications such as textiles / cotton-fabrics / garments, Construction of buildings / lavatories / domestic-automobiles windows / architectural heritage and photovoltaic / solar cells. Durability is a serious problem of SCT, so how […]

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Gender quotas have been adopted

Gender quotas have been adopted in more than one hundred countries around the world in recent years. While they are the subject of a growing literature, most existing work on these measures focuses on explaining their adoption and varied effects on the absolute numbers of women elected. Yet, quotas are often justified with reference to […]

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The same day however at different times

The title for my investigation is: “To what extent is the rate of erosion equally distributed at Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove?” This is the predominate question and it has been split up into 3 different sub questions each needed to target specific questions of the main question, therefore this ensures the main question is […]

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• year: wander among the peonies, admire

• If you like flowers and plants, here is a place to write about your program: the New York Botanical Garden. The New York Botanical Garden is located in the heart of the Bronx, giving you the opportunity to experience this New York area, which is less crowded with tourists than Manhattan and Brooklyn.• Founded […]

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3429000215900001556385-854075General and double barrelled shot pistols, rifles, single

3429000215900001556385-854075General Forensic ScienceGeneral Forensic Science-914400-91440000-96202517272000-742950541781900451485045415200039243005179695General forensic science assignmentFirearms and there constructionSubmitted by-CHINTAN SINGHM.Sc. (forensic science)-I semesterEnrolment no. – A5901118040AMITY University, Noida (u.p)400000General forensic science assignmentFirearms and there constructionSubmitted by-CHINTAN SINGHM.Sc. (forensic science)-I semesterEnrolment no.- A5901118040AMITY University, Noida (u.p)-10858502988945003629025222694500 DECLARATIONI, Chintan Singh (Enrolment no.: A5901118040), hereby declare that the following assignment, “Firearms and constructions” Is my […]

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CONCLUSION illegal access to a user’s data on

CONCLUSIONIn this paper, we examined the problem for security associated issues while storing the information on cloud. To prevent and implement illegal access to a user’s data on cloud we devised an efficient system architecture which supports efficient operations on data like modification of data, deleting or appending the data. We implemented ip triggering which […]

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ABSTRACT constraints of reusing phrases from the

ABSTRACTWith the rapid growth of the information in the web data the need to retrieve, analyse and understand a large amount of information has increased. Huge amount of data is being generated and consumed by the people and machines every second. Access to huge amount of information often leads to confusion in identification of the […]

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11:43 of the atoms does not involve the

11:43 AM, 5/7/2018 +60 12-350 1402: The Bronze Age of BioplasticsBioplastics date back to the Bronze Age, but they are due for a comeback as our modern hunger for petroleum exceeds the available supply. As people cut back on the use of petroleum based products, a new solution will need to be found. By using […]

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Who the identity of a Latina/o has

Who is a Latina/o? What constitutes a Latina/o identity? How do we account for socioeconomic, linguistic, racial, generational, and gender differences? Over a course of time, the identity of a Latina/o has developed as they face hardship. The pieces “Aparicio (RE)construction Latinidad The Challenge of Latina/o Studies” and “Whalen” focus on the identity of Puerto […]

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