Design made available from the IAEA to

Design ElementIndicatorMeans of VerificationAssumptionsOutcomeintroduce hybrid imaging (SPECT/CT) facilities and Improve radiation protection for better patient careCurrent SPECT gamma camera upgraded and made available for better patients careStatistical data of Nuclear Medicine procedures carried outNecessary funds made available to upgrade the gamma camera to SPECT/CT (new hybrid technology for molecular imaging) and Professionals developmentOutput1 SPECT / CT procedures offered to patients and referring clinicians.Increased the number of procedures using SPECT/CT. Introduced this new technique for patients with cancer and degenerative brain disease .

overall improvement of Nuclear Medicine facilities in the country Patient records from the Nuclear Medicine Unit , Faculty of Medicine , University of PeradeniyaSupport from the IAEA to obtain necessary funds to purchase CT component and upgrade the current system already a donation by the agency 2 Professional training completed.Staff of the Nuclear Medicine unit will receive training on SPECT/CT proceduresScientific visits / Fellowships Expert mission for National Workshops/ lectures Training certificate Experts reportPermanent staff members retained at working place 3 Project effectively managed and implementedExpert mission Progress report to the AgencyExpert/TO available to assess the progressActivity1.1 Nuclear Medicine unit (NMU), University of Peradeniya use adequate radiation protection facilities and necessary equipment for SPECT/CT procedures NMU will start SPECT/CT to improved imaging facilities New equipments and knowledge usedFunds are made available from the IAEA to purchase CT component Funds made available from the University budget to arrange the additional radiation protection for the CT component 1.2.

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Local training / National Workshop on clinical applications of SPECT/CTWorkshop/ training programme completedTraining certificates Proceedings of the workshop Funds made available for expert travel (IAEA) 1.3 Preparation of Guidelines and standard operating proceduresGuidelines and SOPs are producedClinical audits reportWorkshop well attended and guidelines are applied2.1 Training provided to the medical and technical staff.Fellowship / Scientific visits provided to selected staffTraining certificate and fellowship reportNominations provided from the country IAEA funds made available for training2.2 Project review and management.Project timely implementedReportsIAEA TO available for AssessmentInput1.1.1 Preparation of NMU premises to carried out SPECT/CT procedures Facilities made availablereportsNecessary funds will be made available from local government by 20201.

2.1 Additional budget to support procurement of CT component and related necessary accessories. Procured necessary accessories and installation , training Purchase order and invoiceFunds available IAEA 20202.

1.1 Expert mission (EM1) for local training and lecturing at National Workshop on SPECT /CT in oncology, and brain imaging and support preparation of Guidelines , SOPMission implementedExpert mission report and travelling documentsQualified experts are available from IAEA 20202.2.1 Fellowship training (FE1)for Nuclear Medicine physician in SPECT/CT in oncology, brain and cardiac imagingFellowship completedReport and training certificateStaff available. Trained staff retained in their working places 20212.2.2 Fellowship (FE2) for nuclear medicine technologists on SPECT/CT in oncology, brain and cardiac imaging acquisition and data manipulation, Fellowship Training implementedReport and training certificateStaff available. Trained staff retained in their working places 20212.

2.3 Fellowship training (FE3) for Nuclear Medicine Physician for Neuroendocrine tumors and collaborated research activities Dosimetry, radiation protection in CT and new software applicationTraining implemented International Collaborative research established Training certificate and Research publicationsStaff available. Trained staff retained in their working places 20201.3.

1 Expert mission (EM2) for awareness program for radionuclide therapy, Brain and Neuroendocrine tumor imaging for end usersMission implementedExpert mission report and travelling documentsQualified experts are available from IAEA 20213.1.1 Expert/TO mission (EM3) to assess overall project achievementsMission completedTO reportTO available to travel 2022 Y, 4IsNXpxpop, Yu),[email protected](2O4kLEzqO2POuz_gx7svnB2,E3p9GQd H IjZ29LZ15xl.([email protected]@[email protected] O5YYS.

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