Description their lunch breaks, whether they had lodged

Description of InvestigationOn visiting the site over 5 workdays, I observed employee performance, client services and management operation, as well as, conducted employee interviews and client, employee surveys.

Upon arrival at the Roanoke branch, observation was immediate and I took a note of favorable business dealings and those, which needed correction. Analysis of client surveys completed before, and during my visit, along with employees interviews, have helped in my determination of the source of the recent chaos within the Roanoke branch.A 30-minute interview was conducted with the employees during their lunch breaks, whether they had lodged a complaint or not.

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I needed to hear everyone’s outlook on the standing of the Roanoke branch to gain complete insight, draw conclusions and make a plan. The client surveys were very informative and, significant in my recommendations on adjusting the operation procedures.ResultsMy investigation identified the following problems:1. Compensation is not being given as dictated by salaried employee contracts.

Personal day offs aren’t getting approved under standard protocol by branch managers. Employees unqualified for personal time off (PTO) days have not received extra two days compensation for longer hours worked. Lack of enthusiasm because compensation is null, led to lower morale and less productivity. 2. Art directors have not been effectively communicating with the graphic designers; this has resulted in prolonged completion of projects.3. Art directors are modifying the graphic designers work without discussion; this has upset our clients because they aren’t receiving the finished product in a timely fashion.

Also, employee morale is affected because collaborative efforts aren’t being made by the art directors.4. Management has not received traditional procedure and customer satisfaction training; this created unhappy clientele and dropped our customer satisfaction rating.5. Account managers took new accounts without considering the current workload: this accrued more work than the employees could handle.


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