DESCRIPTION steps for design thinking like empathy,define,ideate,prototype,test.Design

DESCRIPTION OF DESIGN THINKINGDesign thinking is a method for practical and creative problem solving.

It isevolved from fields varied like engineering,architecture and business. Focuses onunderstanding people’s needs and creatively discovering the best solution. It is aconcept used most often to describe a product, object or end result. Mainly thereare five steps for design thinking like empathy,define,ideate,prototype,test.

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Designthinking offers a protocol for solving existing problemsand uncovering new opportunities and thereby speeds up innovation.PERSONA OF GROUP MEMBERSINTRODUCTIONOur group consist of four members including me.We hope that this may enhancethe effective understanding between us and complete our activities in a better way.AISWARYA E. KAiswarya as a person is very active ,friendly and has a great leadershipqualities.She is an understanding person and highly helpful in nature. Eventhough her technical knowledge is not very good her willingness to understand itby constant hardwork and dedication is helpful when working as a team.

SURYA MANOHARAN. KSurya is cheerful person and creative by her own way.She always comes up withdifferent ideas and is interested in knowing more about a topic. Even though she isweak in decision making, her programming and problem solving skill is excellent.CHANCHAL RAJ. K .

AChanchal is very caring and friendly person. She is hardworking and tries to solveproblems in an easy go way.Even though her communication skill is not that good,her technical and technological knowledge is helpful when working as a group.CONCLUSIONEvery group members have their own talents and was willing to contribute theirpart.We hope that this will help for our future activities.


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