DEFINITION of animal. These stages include after

DEFINITION” Aggressive behavior is the response that give noxiousstimulus to other”.

HARMONESAND AGRASSIVE BEHAVIOR        Hormonesplay an important role in the behavior of animals.Even change in concentrations of hormones bring change inmood and behavior. Variations in the levels of hormones production impact onthe psychological problems like hyper-tension and depression. Example of thisis that about 50-75% of patients suffering from hypertension is caused by hyperactivation of hypothalamic pituitary adrenal gland that secrete and producemore cortisol hormone than need. Due to which patient is mentally suffer fromdepression. And according to a survey in 2017 more than 75% people effectedfrom depression in the world.

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Aggressive behavior is also a big problem forsociety. During 1998-1999 in England and Wales the number of violent offencesare 6.3%, and majority of them was violence against the person.  And according to asurvey in 2017 more than 75% people effected from depression in the world.Aggressive behavior is also a big problem for society. During 1998-1999 inEngland and Wales the number of violent offences are 6.3%, and majority of themwas violence against the person.BEHAVIOR WITH RESPECTTO TESTOSTERONEThere are different types of aggression caused bytestosterone i.

e. predatory, intermale, fear induced, territorial, maternal andinstrumental. Some important of which are discussed here. Testosterone presentboth in male and female but in different concentrations that effectdifferently. There are two major stages of life at which testosteroneimportant main role in the behavior of animal. These stages include after birthand on the onset of puberty.An experiment on removal and replacement of testosteroneexplain the relationship between the hormones and aggression in animal’sbehavior. In the experiment, it is seen that castration shows less aggressionbut replacement or ingestion of testosterone restore the aggression.

Aggression and other behaviors caused by testosteroneshow their effect differently in male and females. Females take longer time toexpress aggression and other characters shown by testosterone. Differentregions of brains control the regulation of hormones and consequentlyaggression.                                             ROLE OF TESTOSTERON INMALE AGGRESSIONIn 1849 Berthold made an experiment and explain thechange in aggression in male rat. He told that a rat shows decrease inaggression after castration and aggression were reserved after replacement oftestes. In a recent research on testosterone it is stated that in intermaleaggression behavior of rat is induced by the hypothalamus of brain that isenhanced by secretion of androgen. This research alsoexplain that in rats, mice, monkey and human competitive and intermaleaggression is exponentially increased at puberty. We can reduce these types ofaggression by castration and restore the aggressions by injection oftestosterone.

  ROLE OF TESTOSTERONE INFEMALE AGGRESSIONIn females, aggression is shown by testosterone like dosedependent manners. In one experiment, we take an ovariectomized female rate asan experimental organism. Then testosterone, estradiol and placebo injected tothe rat on daily basis. And observe her aggressive behavior with respect toeach dose. Aggressive behavior measured by the frequency of fight. And weconclude from all of these experiments that aggression is because oftestosterone. Aggression is little bit effected by placebo and estradiol.Generally, in female aggression pattern is almost similarto that of male.

As ovariectomy without hormone replacement shows decrease ininterfemale aggression. And if we inject the testosterone to that female itrestore her aggressive behavior again. It shows that testosteronestimulates the interfemale aggression. But it is not true that aggression iscaused by or effected by only testosterone. It is a complex process thatinclude many other factors that stimulate the hormones and participate inaggressive behavior.

So it may be possible that without the presence oftestosterone aggression is not occurs due to the miss coordination of otherfactors.  


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