Deepwater not to do so. Manager of BP

Deepwater Horizon, is based on a true story that happened in the past which was the oil spilling of the BP oil rig which injured and killed many people during this event.The film is shown as the rig called the Deepwater Horizon which is oil drilling rig at the southern coast of Louisiana which is also BP has an major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mike Williams is the chief electronic technician of Deepwater Horizon , during his first day at work this explosion happened tragically and the offshore installation manager is Mr Jimmy Harrell.Members of the Deepwater Horizon has been assigned a job to test the cement work but did not conduct the cement board which BP insisted not to do so. Manager of BP and Mr Jimmy meet and BP is wanting to conduct the cement works test but this only worsened the poorly placed cement even more in the rig .The manager was very impatient to wait for the conducting of the test to be done and didn’t wait for Mr Jimmy’s results to be done so the manager ordered the well to be flowed. But at first it was operating correctly and efficiently but then the cement slowly fails resulting in an enormous blowout which overpowered and killed some members of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig team.

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Andrea Fleytas is rig’s Dynamic position operator where she alerted the coast guard that the rig is not in any danger , Harrell is rescued by Mike Williams and then they realized that the Deepwater Horizon rig cannot be save any longer , member of a team is an close friend of Mike Williams where he sacrificed himself to save the surviving crew , Mike and Caleb Holloway saved the manager’s from the blowout .Coast Guard sends a ship to save the survivors in lifeboats to Damon Barniston . Andrea and Mike did not make it on the boat as the rig separated into 2 pieces causing them to have panic attacks.

The oil ignites and destroys the rig so they had no choice but to jump off the rig into the water and then minutes later they are being saved by rescuers on the life boat and sent to Damon Barniston.Workers return back and reunite with their families in the hotel lobby , there were tears and sorrows in the hotel lobby where people were did not survive during this tragic event, this oil spill is the worst disaster that the u.s has ever had whic was quoted at the end of the movie


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