Dear For the millionth time I presume;

Dear Mr Khalid There are several things that have to be attended to ASAP as they are very important. Lab protocols should be introduced as I have mentioned For the millionth time I presume;1. Customers should not enter the lab without PRIOR notice ( happened today that the customer entered the grease lab and had no helmet which is mandatory when visiting the plant I presume so should Mr Harish , second of all glasses should be worn in the lab in case of eye contact with any of the chemicals which are carcinogenic mind you and cause temporary eye damage , you cannot buy or replace eyes. )2. Glasses should be kept in the entrance in a properly manner I suggest a box and another box in the exit to avoid customers taking the glasses with them , due to them not knowing where to place them, glasses and safety shouldn’t just be implied on customers only , but staff as well as staff lead the customers to follow procedures.3.

The hazard labels should be kept up to date on the new labels.4. Electrical compartments should be viewed by the electrician from time to time as to be kept in a proper un harmful way( compartments) to avoid sparks or fuses from destroying the machines in both labs.5. The computers should be kept outside the lab as it causes harm when touched by a technician wearing gloves and later handled by someone who isn’t.

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6. Glasses and lab coats should be worn at all times prevention is better than cure. Again it takes a small amount of group 3 base oils to cause cancer.7.

Eating and drinking in the lab should be prohibited at all cost.8. I suggest combining both labs to fix the lubricants lab and rearrange them later as the lubricants lab is full of unnecessary stickers as well which are improperly placed on the walls and need changing. The walls are cracking and give the sense of buildings from world war 2.9.

The labels on cupboards for both labs need professional plastic holders as to which labels are kept rather than stuck on the cupboards and some mind you , are hand written very unitedly.10. The storage room where the samples are placed has no air condition , this may surely effect the efficiency of the samples as the summer here may reach up to above 44C and so on .Small things that are lying around in the plant such as pieces of wood or any sticks are enough to cause destructive fires when in contact with wax or sun , 11. Electricity hoods around the plant should not be handled by anyone but the electricians and there should be signs placed to indicate that, and should be closed as I have seen them open many times.12.

Labels for sample shouldn’t be hand written but typed as it looks and gives an impression of unprofessionalism. There are many other further notes I have to add with more time spent.Thank you .


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