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Dear Madam / Sir,Please find my application package enclosed withthis letter for the Estonian Studies Master’s degree in your university. I amapplying for this program because I was very impressed with a blog post byPiret Viires dated 10.03.2017 as I was looking into ways to learn more aboutEstonia’s culture, history, and language. I founded a travel company ( Walks In Europe, OÜ ) throughe-residency in Estonia and soon will be moving to Tallinn to run my companylocally. I’ve worked as a tour guide since 1998 and wish to acquire the sametitle in Tallinn.

The nature of my business requires me to knowEstonia in a more concentrated context and I can see that your curriculum willmake it easier to delve into it in more specific ways.  I could have started with a language coursebut I would still lack major subjects like history, culture and social life tocreate and lead tours. I have an Engineeringdegree from Istanbul Technical University with a lower than expected performance ( 58 vs your minimum60) but the nature of my business experience and my diverse background hasprepared me for this study. I learn languages very quickly which makes me anideal candidate as a mature post-graduate student. My success and ambition professionally is to createthemed walks in urban areas across Europe. You can see one of my themed walksin Classic Weimar for European Heritage Volunteers: http://heritagetimes.

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eu/literary-walking-route-in-classic-weimar/During my visits to Tallinn,  I managed to visualize some themed walksalready and may work on these as part of my thesis. Possible heritage walkingroutes in Tallinn would be ones including wine cellars of old merchanthouses and fancy old town properties with their closed yards and secret passages.I believe they were open to the public formerly  but now they are personal properties. I amwilling to look into ways if it would be possible to re-open them for the publicas part of a way-marked heritage route. Estonian Studies Master’s Degree at your universitywill provide me with an excellent opportunity to specialize my business as thefounder and help make a contribution to tourism industry in Estonia. I am a diligent business owner and like to keep myabilities sharp. As a self-taught entrepreneur, my priorities are hard-work,discipline and a keen eye for success.

  Iam very excited about the idea of attending Estonian Studies to access yourprogram’s accumulation on Estonia. Thank you for reviewing my application and I hopeto be given a chance to study at Tallinn University. Sincerely,


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