DDos many parties, especially for those who own

DDos attack is a very anticipated by many parties, especially for those who own the company, the cost incurred was quite a lot to anticipate this. And, no half-hearted as a result of this DDos attack can spend at least thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, for example, in 2016 ago, the loss caused DDos reach $ 150 billion. Not only material losses but the company will lose the trust of its customers.Not just that problem, sometimes a company will spend the cost of the actual service it is not necessary for them so that the cost becomes increased, profit in the company can be reduced. This of course should be anticipated in a more efficient way but still can protect the company from DDos attacks. Gladius also present as one solution for the company by utilizing blockchain technology.

What is Gladius?Gladius is a platfrom to protect a site against DDos attacks that allows you to connect to your nearby protection group so as to provide better protection and speed up your content. By utilizing blockchain that allows communication between computers to connect, Gladius can facilitate the creation of a pool with fault tolerance and cheap that is tailored to the specific needs of clients. In addition to filtering only traffic, this pool can also speed up content. Gladius Platform will be like this laterGladius PlatformGladius’s goal is to create a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer network node without connecting a bandwidth pool to a website that seeks DDoS protection and speeds up content delivery. Anyone with a computer will be able to download and run Gladius clients in the background to lease their unused bandwidth and get Gladius Tokens (GLA).

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 Large pools with hundreds, if not thousands, nodes can then handle continuous demand streams to validate website connections and block malicious activity.GLADIUS Protection from DDoS Attacks with Blockchain TechnologyWith such a system, companies that do not have the funds to finance DDoS protection can then purchase services within their budget. On the one hand for those who pay for services they do not use later can pay for the services they need only. For those of you who want to know more clearly about it can read it in their whitepaper here Whitepaper GladiusGladius Will Be Combined with TokenIn the Gladius platform will be combined with GLA Token which will be the key of the gladius network and will be used to purchase DDoS and CDN services. The GLA Token is a standard Ethereal token ERC-20. Token can be obtained when the sale of tokens will soon be implemented in the near future.

 Total token to be distributed is 96.320.000 GLA. Token Sales DetailsDetails Project nameGladiusToken NameGladius TokenSymbolGLAStart Sales1 November 2017, 2:00 UTCNumber of tokens96.320.000 GLAPurchase MethodEthereumPrice Token1 ETH = 500 GLABonus20% For first 24 hours November 1  5% For the first week 2 November  3% For the second week 9 November  1% For the third week 16 November  0% For the fourth week November 23


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