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David Osu Professor NdehENG 11012/13/18Narrative Essay (draft) Coming of Age Everybody experiences coming of age in their lifetime. My own coming of age started when I was a little kid, and during my high school year till now. So, for me coming of age has occurred from age 4 to present. The three steps that really defined my coming of age was how I grew up, starting high school and my travelling experience to United States of America. My first step in my coming of age, was how I grew up with my parents, and siblings in Nigeria. As the first male child of my parent growing up was fun and interesting for me until I had my younger ones after me.

For example, my mum would always wash my cloths, buy candies and chocolate for me, and also take me to the fun fair and play with my friends. My dad always supported me in everything that I do. The second step I took towards my coming of age was when I started high school at Federal Science and Technical College. Starting high school for me was a little bit different from primary school because there was a lot of assignment, test and quizzes. My teachers would give a lot of assignment every day which was really stressful. This helped me to study more and prepare for any texts and exams. So, therefore this was a big step in my coming of age. I also made new friends from different background which really influenced me in high school.

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Secondly, in high school authorities try to treat you as a young mature adult, teach you good morals and effective responsibility. For example if you miss many classes then you repeat the class without no exemption. The last and my most recent step for coming of age was travelling alone to the United State.

At this moment I knew that I was alone because my parent escorted me to the airport and left me alone and this was my first time riding on a plane and travelling alone. As I was about to board my flight a lot of thought came through my mind, thinking you can seat anywhere inside the plane not knowing you seat according to the boarding number but unfortunately I sat on someone seat because I never knew. When the plane landed it was not funny because I was really scared. It was an interesting experience. Coming of age is a life long journey, but there are major situations you go through in life that will play a huge role in becoming an adult.

In conclusion, I am not done growing up yet, but the main event leading up to this day that have started my coming of age was how I grew up, starting high school, and my travelling experience. There would be many events in the future that would continue my coming of age.


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