Data from the Kenya Demographics

Data from the Kenya Demographics and Health Survey of 2014 also shows that cancer is the second leading cause of death besides cardiovascular disease among the non communicable diseases with a national case mortality rate of about 7%. The Kenya National Palliative Guidelines 2013 also estimates that over 28000 new cancer cases are diagnosed annually and 22100 people die of cancer each year. More so, Kenyans below 75 years are at a 17% risk of getting cancer and a 12% risk of dying from it (Ali, 2016). At Moi teaching and Referral Hospital the second largest hospital in Kenya, data extracted from the Eldoret cancer registry at Moi University estimated that about 5336 patients were diagnosed with cancer from 1996 to 2006. On average about 671 cancer cases were diagnosed annually.

Solid tumours being the commonest in the region and accounted for 79% of the cancer patients however a slight difference in the pattern of the diseases was noted. Unlike elsewhere Ca. esophagus was the commonest cancer in the region while Ca.

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Cervix and Ca. Prostate were the commonest in females and males respectively. Hence therefore like elsewhere in the globe, cancer still poses a huge significant Public Health burden at MTRH and Kenya as a whole.(Tenge, Kuremu, Buziba, Patel, & Were, 2009)


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