Dark to reinstall order within the class. After

Dark clouds filled the skies, raindrops dripped on the glass windows. The class adviser was lecturing when suddenly a shriek from behind me pierced the silence in the room. “Where is my phone!?” The class was in an uproar after this had happened. Friends started to doubt each other and the teacher was frantically attempting to reinstall order within the class. After the class had finally calmed down, the teacher announced, “No one will go out this break time until that phone is found!” Immediately after the teacher told this the class became disorganized once again, trying to look for the phone.

The teacher then left for her next class. The next teacher came in puzzled about the commotion. Recess finally came and our class adviser came back. Our adviser entered the room with an annoyed face and said, “If no one will come out and tell us who stole the phone, no one will leave this classroom.” Recess ends and the phone is still not found. After the bell that signaled the end of our recess rang, the teacher once again exclaimed, “Everyone stay in classroom during lunch time.

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No one will be allowed to leave the classroom until the phone is found.” He calls the class president whispers something to him. A few moments just before the next subject teacher came, the president announced, “A while ago the teacher told me not to allow anyone to leave the classroom.” A little while later my bladder bid me to relieve myself, so I ask the current subject teacher, “May I go to the restroom ma’am?” She allows me to leave the room. I stood up and walked out the classroom wearing my jacket. The bell rings, people walk pass our classroom.

The class was quiet waiting for our adviser’s return while suspense filled the locked classroom air. Suddenly, a friend of the person whose phone was stolen shouts from the back, “Guys I think it was Renji who stole the phone.” I shocked with that accusation, looked back with an irritated face and defend myself by saying, “What proof do you have to accuse me of such an act.” He immediately replied, “A while ago you went out of the classroom with your jacket on.

We all know that before you went out, you placed the stolen phone in your jacket and hid it somewhere.” The teacher simply watched us argue about what has happened. She stops us just as it was time for the next period to start. The bell rang without us noticing due to the intense argument that was happening. The class continued with glares of doubts passing my line of sight as I look around the classroom. A few notes written in small pieces of paper gets passed to me, all filled with insults and words of persuasion telling me to admit that I stole the phone. I remember one note that says, “Tell the teacher that you stole the phone already.

We all know that you stole it.” I, almost moved to tears, try to ignore these false accusations thrown at me. I pray to God silently, “Lord please help me in my time of need. Show these blind people who the real culprit is.” The final period of the day finally arrived, our adviser, also our final period teacher, didn’t teach or lecture about the subject that period. Instead, he shared a devotion that speaks about stealing and the repercussions that state that people would go to hell if they lie.

After the devotion, one classmate holding a phone walks to the teachers table in front. He whispers to the teacher something, and gives the phone to him. A short while after, the teacher quoted, “A person can destroy the life of someone else if that person lives a dishonest life.” The teacher prayed for us then dismissed us. The following morning came, and it was homeroom time. The teacher told the class that the problem of the stolen phone was solved, and no one needs to worry about it anymore.

Me feeling angry, and wanting to shame who the thief was, asked the teacher, “Who was the person that stole the phone!?” The teacher replied, “It is none of anyone’s business now. We must put our pasts behind us and move on.” Knowing full well who was the person who stole the phone, I think to myself, “Why did this person become our homeroom teacher.” I went on with my day, everyone acted like nothing happened. I received not a single apology that day. Feeling heart broken, I thought to myself “Next year is a new year, and a new year means new classmates.”


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